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Whether sporting event or festival: hansgrohe shower trucks provide fun with water on the road. The temporary sanitary facilities each contain 20 showers. Visit an event in your area and experience hansgrohe products live. On this page, you will also find what you need if you have already been a guest in a shower truck and are now looking for the shower of your choice.

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Please note that due to the current Corona situation not all events may take place and our ShowerTruck may not be available everywhere. 
Now go and shower!

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A shower after doing sport is an experience: The fresh water makes you forget the exertion, warm water loosens the tense muscles and relaxation begins. No wonder you can't write down the name of the shower that gave you this special moment on the spot. Below you will find most of the products that are installed in one of the three shower trucks. Find your favourite shower!,deshi porns

ass fuck mp4 shower trucks can provide refreshing stimulation for your event, too. Would you like to make a booking? Please contact Hanjo Graupeter for detailed information.

xxxfilms, These taps and showers help you to protect resources. And your wallet.

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