Flooded with light and homely

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A large attic room offers space for a homely bathroom. Wall surfaces in pure white and light wooden floorboards absorb the daylight and enhance its impact. In the friendly ambience, vibrant wooden décor enhances the natural feel of the linear furnishings. The mixers add modern accents with their organic combination of form and function.

Cosy bathroom with natural atmosphere and noble taps.
Overhead shower 300 1jet with shower arm 39 cm

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Hand shower 120 3jet

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Spacious bathroom with a feel-good atmosphere

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With their precise and nature-inspired design, the mixers in the hansgrohe Talis range add lively accents to the cosily furnished bathroom. The light, linear ambience elegantly accentuates the gleaming chrome surfaces. At the wash basin, you control the water via an intuitive button (Select). The shower is located behind the filigree glass partition. The large overhead shower and the hand shower from the Raindance range pamper you with a variety of comfortable showers.

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